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What's Happening on the Water

The Grateful Palate's reputation stretches across South Florida; but there's more to us than exceptional catering and events services. From insider tips to special events and more, read on to learn how to get the most out of Fort Lauderdale's favorite waterfront event center.

Resolutions on the Water

December 22
friends celebrating with champaign and sparkles

Leave all your troubles and anxieties behind in 2021. Start the new year right foot forward; positive and ready to restart. We’re your home for the best New Year's resolution party for you and your loved ones to come together and reflect and recharge.

Creating new year resolutions doesn’t have to be restricted to one or two nights. With the hectic energy of the holidays, it may be hard to gather everyone, as schedules are jumping between college finals, Secret Santas, and family gatherings. Who said you can’t celebrate the new year after January 1st? Align your schedules and head to Grateful Palate Catering & Events to enjoy panoramic waterfront views while comfortably toasting to 2022. If you happen to make it to the venue on NYE, make sure to gather the group out on the Dock, Tiki Bar, or Oasis to really get a front-row seat to those fireworks all around. 

Leave it to us to host all of your holiday parties or reunions! Reserve your party now.