close up of a light pink flower table centerpiece in a sparkly vase under a lantern

Remarkable Renovations

August 05
event venue interior decor in Fort Lauderdale

For most, June marks the beginning of summer and the transfer over to a beach and sunshine state of mind. Here at Grateful Palate, this past June also brought new beginnings and a brand new look. We wanted our aesthetics to match the diversity and freedom from the norm that our dishes bring, so we chose birds and nature as the central themes to help us achieve this ambiance.

The 4,000 square-foot event space in Fort Lauderdale has been transformed by Deborah Frustino of Mountainside Design into a whimsical escape from the ordinary. Guests will be greeted by blue herons flying overhead to transport them into a naturistic fantasy. The textured walls provided by Phillip Jeffries give a new meaning to the word natural. Everything from the deep blue color palettes to the white peacock standing guard over the outside bar is designed to provide the proper atmosphere for the beautiful Florida backdrop. See for yourself the seamless transition from indoor to outdoor as you enjoy delicious feasts amidst all of Florida’s natural beauty.