close up of a light pink flower table centerpiece in a sparkly vase under a lantern

Host The Most Amazing DIY Chanukah Cookie Party (No Baking Required!)

November 30
cookies with blue decoration of david's stars

Chanukah is in the air, and we can feel it! This DIY cookie party is a fun way to get into the Chanukah spirit at home.

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We used a pre-baked sugar cookie kit, along with a fun Chanukah ugly sweater kit (not baked), and set-up was a breeze. Tip: Prepping the cookies, sprinkles and icing bags in advance makes the cookie decorating process a lot less stressful for everyone.

Combine both the pre-baked sugar cookie kit and the Chanukah ugly sweater kit for a variety of cute shapes, sprinkles, frosting and icing. The ugly sweater cookies are made from a cookie mix, which we baked before the party.

Each kit came with frosting packets that needed just a few ingredients. They were super easy to put together and, once they were ready, I assembled them into the decorating bags that came with the kits and placed them on the trays. The pre-baked cookie kits come with royal icing and the ugly sweater kits come with directions to make your own frosting. The kids enjoyed having both textures to work with. I divided up the sprinkles into shot glasses and placed those on the tray as well.

To decorate the table, I sprinkled confetti and gelt (chocolate coins) around. For the centerpiece, I used a battery-powered menorah. Each kid got a glass of milk- every cookie's best friend- with a fun blue and white straw. I’ve never seen kids so excited about milk! Each kid got to take a cookie box to store their cookies in, along with a blue ribbon and Chanukah-themed stickers. Their sticky blue and yellow faces and bellies full of cookies were ample evidence that they were overjoyed with this Chanukah activity!

Pro tips:

  1. Feed them a snack beforehand, so they can enjoy the cookie decorating process.
  2. If they’re worried they’ll mess up, give them some parchment paper to practice the icing on.
  3. Give them some toothpicks to use to spread the icing around the cookies.
  4. Let the frosting and/or icing harden completely before placing them inside the box.