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Have A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Feast

November 04
thanksgiving catering

If it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving this year, you have several options for dazzling the entire family. Option one is to begin the prep 24 hours in advance. You will need to set up a brine for the turkey and prep the many side dishes so that on Thanksgiving day, you can play Tetris with your oven as you heat each one to be ready and hot just as everyone is ready to eat. 

Hopefully, the slow-cooked turkey will be ready in time, or you better become an amazing storyteller to stall. Option two is allowing the professional chefs at Grateful Palate to take care of dinner for you, so you’ll have plenty of spare time to practice those stories.

The Grateful Palate in Fort Lauderdale is proud to bring you a full Thanksgiving dinner to-go. This dinner includes a 15-pound slow-roasted herb-infused turkey that tastes as good as it sounds. Side dishes will include classics like cranberry sauce, green bean almondine, mashed potatoes and gravy, and sweet potato casserole. Special takes on creamy mac and cheese and cornbread stuffing will also make the rounds, as well as delectable honey butter, rubbed dinner rolls. Top this off with some pumpkin and apple pie deserts and you have a true holiday feast. To get your perfectly catered Thanksgiving dinner rolling, just contact and for as low as $150, you can have a feast for 6-8 ready to devoured by hungry, thankful guests.