close up of a light pink flower table centerpiece in a sparkly vase under a lantern

Birthday Parties with an Old Florida Feel

June 28
group of friends with birthday cake

Planning a birthday party, especially for a milestone year, can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be- we can help you create the south Florida celebration everyone will rave about for years to come!

We love the idea of recreating the glamour of 1950s South Florida with an old style cocktail bar front and center complimented by gold palm trees and plush couches.The Rat Pack would feel right at home here.Soft pink and turquoise are the central colors, and luxurious fabrics and plush furniture will create a high end feel. Let's find a pink Cadillac convertible to park outside!

A similar retro-chic color palette will transport your guests to the Miami Vice days of the 1980s, but this time it's bright, saturated pink and turquoise with pops of teal. Channel El Chapo energy with golden palm fronds, doric columns, glass blocks and salmon carpet.We’re going for elegant, but excessive. For the Insta-wqorthy win: Pull a Ferrari (Daytona Spyder or Testarossa) up to the curb-with prop $100s pouring out of a YSL duffle bag.
Once you have the concept, the menu, drinks and entertainment will all fall into place. Let's brainstorm this!